How to Efficiently Organize Your Kitchen: Our Top 5 Tips

Continually searching for the right lid? Have multiple duplicates of ingredients because you couldn’t find them in your pantry? Does your kitchen seem to get messy on its own? It’s time to reorganize your kitchen!

Contrary to popular belief, having a functional kitchen doesn’t require a large space. It’s more about organizing the available space effectively. Here are our best tips to optimize your kitchen.

  1. Declutter To properly organize your kitchen, you first need to declutter! Sort, donate, recycle, throw away, but declutter. Start by categorizing each item in your kitchen. Take everything out and assess the usefulness of each object. Do you really use your hot dog steamer? Does it work? Are you attached to it? Your goal: to have countertops and cabinets as clear as possible and enjoy cooking in a spacious and functional space.

Make room!

  1. Clean Take advantage of the fact that you’ve just cleared out your cupboards and drawers to thoroughly clean them! A good cleaning helps to better visualize how to organize storage in your kitchen, especially for smaller kitchens. Why not take the opportunity to install a plastic mat under the sink?
  2. Define Zones and Position Your Items A well-organized kitchen must be ergonomic! Forget the preconceived notion that a clean kitchen is a well-organized kitchen.

For your kitchen to be organized and ergonomic, you should be able to take as few steps as possible when cooking. To increase the fluidity of your movements, divide your kitchen into 5 zones:

Zone 1 – Cooking Naturally, this includes the stove, its immediate surroundings, and the microwave. Think about what you use when cooking: oven mitts, kitchen utensils, wooden spoons, baking paper, cooking spray, etc. These items should be near the oven. Reserve a drawer for easy access to these items. Don’t forget to find space for your spices!

Also, think about your small cooking appliances. Leaving space for them will greatly facilitate meal serving. Consider appliances like panini makers or air fryers. If you prepare your sides near your main dish, plating will be mess-free!

Zone 2 – Cleaning This zone includes the sink and dishwasher. However, you should also have the trash and compost bins nearby. The reason is that you need to be able to wash your hands quickly after disposing of something!

Also, ensure cleaning tools and products under the sink are easily accessible. If you use a dishcloth, why not install a hook for it? For those using a scouring sponge, narrow rubber mats are available at dollar stores. You can also place your dish and hand soap there.

Zone 3 – Preparation The preparation area should be as close as possible to the cleaning zone. This is where you’ll prepare food, sauces, etc. Store chopping boards, measuring spoons and cups, and your kitchen knives within reach. The kitchen utensils you use the most should be accessible from your work surface.

Zone 4 – Food This zone includes the refrigerator and your pantry. Group items together (condiments, dairy products, meats, vegetables, sides). Determine the best layout for your shelves. You can buy transparent bins and glass jars to store your food and drinks more efficiently. Say goodbye to cardboard boxes in the fridge!

The same goes for the pantry. Put cereals, pasta, rice, and dry legumes in transparent containers. Ideally, use containers with flat tops to facilitate stacking.

Zone 5 – Storage Just because something has always been stored in one place doesn’t mean it’s the best place for it! Think about how often you use your kitchen equipment and store the most frequently used items at eye level. Place the things you use every day where they are easiest to access.

If your cabinets are very high, use boxes or bins to group items you rarely use (cake decorations and molds, holiday accessories, cookie cutters) and store them on top. If you have deep drawers, maximize their use by installing dividers or bins.

The efficiency of your kitchen is directly linked to the efficiency of your storage system.

30 litre bin

plastic draining rack

Bonus Zone – Coffee Corner! If you have a free corner on your countertop, why not create a coffee corner? By grouping your coffee maker, capsules or coffee bags, sugar bowl, and cups, you’ll make your hardest mornings easier!

If your countertop is cluttered, create space by setting up your coffee corner on a small kitchen cart or sideboard. Your coffee maker doesn’t need to be near your stove. Don’t hesitate to move your coffee corner a bit if it allows your kitchen to breathe better.

  1. Be Creative Install a hanging rack for pots and pans. Install a spice rack (there are magnetic models for the side of the fridge or models that install under cabinets). Do you have a large pantry door? Hang a transparent shoe organizer on the inside and fill it with products or objects.

Use drawer organizers and separators so everything is very accessible. Standing separators for baking sheets and chopping boards. Consider attaching a corkboard inside your cabinet doors to hang small items or display your most-used recipes. Install hooks or magnetic strips on wall spaces or under cabinets.

The important thing is that your kitchen is adapted to your use and habits!

  1. Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Organize Based on Your Use When it comes to storing food in the pantry, make sure everything is visible and reachable. For hard-to-stack cans, create a separator shelf with sturdy cardboard or buy a cheap shoe rack! Have a place for everything. Group items in baskets or bins and label these compartments. Store rarely used foods on high shelves.

Conclusion Taking the time to properly organize and arrange your kitchen simplifies life. A well-organized kitchen makes the preparation-cleaning-storage cycle much easier. It’s one of the most used rooms, and dedicating time to its organization will be a time investment for you.

Once the kitchen is well arranged and organized, get into the habit of questioning the usefulness of your items. And don’t wait! If an item clutters a surface and only collects dust, say goodbye to it.

By continuing to clean, arrange, and declutter your kitchen, it will remain well organized, pleasant to use, and easy to clean.

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