How to print a brochure in Word?

Printing brochures in Microsoft Word should not be a difficult thing to do. The procedures to follow are quite similar to printing a page or an entire book. You can also customise your booklet before printing it or use booklet templates that can be incorporated into a Word document to simplify your work.

Keep in mind that any document can easily be turned into a brochure in Microsoft Word. You will not need to use a Microsoft editor unless you wish.

How to print a booklet in Word?

In summary, you can print a booklet in Word from the file option on the Microsoft Word home page, then go to the Page Setup window and follow the instructions. From the Page Setup window, go to the ‘Create your own booklet content’ option. Follow the instructions for the print section.

From the print section, you will have the option to print on both sides. These are the basic steps you need to follow. You have to check with your Microsoft Office if it comes with all the necessary functionality for this purpose. Be sure to update your Microsoft Office if it does not come with the necessary components.

What are the complete steps to print a booklet in Word?
You can customise your booklet with some of the built-in Word templates. You can customise your booklet by clicking on ‘file’ and then selecting ‘New’. Type ‘Booklet’ into the search bar provided, press ‘Enter’ before selecting your chosen booklet template. Click the “Create” button to set up your booklet.

To print a booklet in Microsoft Word, you need to open the Microsoft Word version, then click “File”, then click “Print”. From the bottom of the created list, click on ‘Page Setup’.

From the page setup window, simply click on the “margins” tab and, under multiple pages, choose “Book fold” from the drop-down menu. Look at the options in the “Sheets” menu and click “Select All” or choose the number of images you wish to print.

You must use the “Gutter” option to set the margin and set it to a very small margin for the best result. Keep in mind that the gutter setting will determine the space between the page content and the fold located in the centre of the sheet where you will probably bind the pages.

The next step after setting the margin is to create the content of your booklet. Keep in mind that the content of a booklet will be printed differently from a normal Word document. It means, for example, that pages 1 and 4 will probably be printed on the same side while pages 3 and 4 will be on the other side.

Also keep in mind that each page size will be reduced to the scale of half the normal page in landscape mode.

Choose the number of pages for your booklet at this stage. You will find the booklet number options in the “Sheets per booklet” menu. Select all if you want the content to be displayed on your computer before printing.

Add content to the booklet at this stage now that the document has been formatted into a booklet format. At this point you can add text, images and other things. You should be familiar with the formulation of graphics in the Microsoft Word document.

Save your booklet once you have completed the formatting. In the top left corner of the home page, simply click on ‘File’. Choose ‘Save As’ and choose the location where you wish to save.

If you would like your file to be a template and modify it for the future brochure, simply choose the “Template” option from “Save as Format Type” from the drop-down menu. If you do not need it as a format type, simply keep the default setting. Give your file a name and click ‘Save’.

Printing the Booklet
To print your booklet, click on ‘Layout’ to see how the booklet will look once printed. Click on the ‘margins’ located in the top left corner and you will see several options displayed. Click on “Shrink” from the menu and choose the margin you prefer. Make sure that the text and image sizes are not too small.

Clean up all leftover formatting on the configuration page. These include rags characterised by white space that can be cleaned up by simply justifying the text.

Scan the document once more to make sure it appears the way you want it to appear on the booklet and correct any remaining rags.

Once you are ready to print, simply click on ‘File’ and then select ‘Print’ before changing the print preferences to the correct setting on the printer. If your printer has been set to automatically re-feed printed documents, opt for ‘Print on both sides’ from the settings. You can find the ‘print on both sides’ option by clicking on the ‘Pages’ drop-down menu.

Choose the option that includes ‘Flip pages to short edge’ to prevent the back of the content from flipping over.

On the other hand, the printer may require manual re-insertion, so choose ‘print both sides manually’. Once you have completed your print settings, you can continue to add pages and choose the correct format for the contents of the booklet. Make sure that the page contents do not get lost in the gaps when you bind them together, so you should opt for larger gutter sizes.

Do not forget to select the paper size, which in this case is 8.5 x 11, which is also the standard paper size. If you use a different paper size, you must select it from the options. Take a look at your preview on the right panel using the arrows at the bottom of the page panel and make sure it is designed correctly.

Click on the “Print” option at the top of the window and it will automatically send your document to the printer for printing.

What are the advantages of using Microsoft Windows for designing brochures?
Compared to the design and printing of traditional brochures, using Microsoft Word offers several advantages, which are outlined below;

It is very simple and straightforward
If you follow the simple steps explained above, you will find that using Microsoft Word is much easier than other ways of designing and printing a brochure. You can have your brochure designed and printed in the comfort of your own home.

Cost savings
If you have to hire someone to design and print your brochures for you, you must be prepared to pay for the work. You can save that amount by producing your brochure at home at no extra cost.

Different custom design options
From a unique page layout to different font sizes for customising text and images, there is a wide range of custom designs to choose from. Yours will depend on the version of Microsoft Office you are using.

Ability to save your work as a template for future work
One of the best features of using Microsoft Word for creating brochures is that you can use your current work as a template for future work. This means that you can easily edit your template when working on new jobs, saving time and energy. Depending on how the template was saved, it may be necessary to incorporate new elements when using the old template for new work.

Mistakes to avoid when printing the booklet
Not having the updated Microsoft Word could be your biggest mistake when creating and printing your brochure. Make sure you have at least Microsoft Office 2010 installed on your computer before you start creating your booklet.

Forgetting to use the ‘print on both sides’ option is another common mistake people make. When you omit this option, you will end up printing on one side only, which means you will use twice the number of pages you should.

Not choosing “Browse pages on the short edge” is another mistake you could easily make. This option becomes necessary to prevent the back of the content from flipping over. You have to keep this in mind or your work could be embarrassingly printed.

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It may take some practice before you master the procedures for creating and printing brochures using Microsoft Word. You may be lucky to master the act on your first attempt. The first attempt is normally slower as you have to read the steps and return to your work. With practice afterwards, you will eventually increase your speed and master the procedures without referring to the guidelines.

Creating different versions of the booklet is fun, you may want to practice with different image sizes and fonts to find a balance between each component that will make your booklet more meaningful and more attractive. From booklets, you can also create books, brochures and other useful materials for different purposes.

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