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ProvenExpert: “If you are present on the web with customer reviews, you will reach interested parties exactly when they are open to your product or service. That is worth its weight in gold.”

Increase sales with customer reviews – you have to turn these 5 screws
Working professionally with customer reviews has now become known in many industries as a miracle cure for more success. But why is that so? An internal survey of the rating platform showed an average of 10% more turnover with surveyed customers. Where are the adjusting screws in dealing with customer ratings that companies can turn to become even more successful? Here you can read about the background to success with customer reviews.

Additional Google search results with relevant information
Basically, if you are looking for a product or service, today you do your research on the net at Google and Co. In fact, 97% of consumers use the internet to find a local business. Apart from the own web presence, 72% of the registered businesses have one, a ProvenExpert profile offers another search result. A result with content that is now a separate menu item on most websites: REFERENCES. On a ProvenExpert profile, customer reviews from all your sources are bundled and displayed in a structured way. This gives customers an insight into your work and you as a company an overview. In addition, the profiles are SEO optimised and you automatically benefit from the reach of the ProvenExpert brand.

  1. set screw: answer questions before they are asked
    Your collected references provide a valuable additional search result. In addition, active prompts in the profile, such as “Please call back” or “Write a message”, offer the opportunity to get in touch with potential customers. And activity pays off – not infrequently as an additional concrete enquiry.

Those who feel understood are more persuasive, without question. Offer potential clients as much insight into your work as possible by actively soliciting reviews. More reviews offer more visibility and thus increase your ranking on Google and your credibility at the same time. Feel free to actively ask for different services. The more topics represented in customer reviews, the better. Every customer is different, so many different reviews are enormously valuable. If an interested new customer can identify with a review, you have already reached him.

  1. set screw: Professional seal creates trust
    Many customers simply forget to rate, especially if everything was fine. Or they don’t give feedback because a similar opinion already exists. But repetition is definitely wanted in these cases. Actively invite reviews and don’t shy away from the reminder function – because customer opinions are far more authentic than any advertising appearance. This is how existing customers convince potential new customers.

The effect of a professional seal is enormous. Or have you never been influenced by a TÜV seal or similar? Seals stand out and convey a feeling of security and familiarity. Use this opportunity and present the sum of all your ratings and the star average in a promotionally effective way. The seal is your authentic signboard, because nothing is more credible than independent customer opinions. Show how good you are – a transparent way of working and as many positive reviews as possible are worth their weight in gold.

  1. set screw: Use the power of the stars
    Include the rating seal on your website and social media channels. This way, all your references are clearly bundled and easy to find for potential customers.

Visibility is the be-all and end-all in the age of the internet. With the typical orange Google stars, you attract attention. When we search for a service or product, we now automatically look at what others have to say about it. The stars make the sum of your collected ratings directly visible. By the way: 88% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. So the goal is to be listed as conspicuously as possible in Google search results.

  1. set screw: Reflect on your work
    The Google stars are automatically included in the ProvenExpert rating seal and on your profile. You can also display your personal rating stars on the subpages of your website. This will demonstrably bring you more clicks than without Google stars.

Our internal survey at ProvenExpert showed that companies invest an average of 15 minutes a week in their rating management. This includes, for example, a “thank you” for satisfied customers or an analysis of comments from dissatisfied customers and a corresponding solution-oriented response. Take this relatively little time for an enormous added value. Reflect the opinions of your customers – there is no better barometer of quality.

  1. adjusting screw: communication channel to the customer
    Use this direct communication channel to the customer. And don’t be afraid of critical or even negative evaluations. This is an opportunity to skilfully position your customer orientation. Because negative reviews are clicked on up to three times more than positive ones.

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